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Alright, I must admit…since posting the last outfit, I’ve been listening to my Steampunk playlist and having the melodic strains of Dr. Steel, Abney Park, Deadly NIghtshade Botanical Society, and other Steam Age-y bands drift into my ears and I was inspired to make another neo-Victorian look.The fact that I got the rare jacket from a Pixicat gacha on first pull also helped fuel my desire to blog again today! It’s adorable and totally cute, with tails and fringed epaulets. I was so pleased to find the Diesel capris at Pale Empress…they end EXACTLY at the top of my boots, which are the same Schadenfreude pair I was wearing in my last post. I decided to break a bit from my usual colour palate and use teal as an accent colour this time, just to give myself a little variety. The top hat was found on Marketplace and comes with a choker and eyepatch, as well. I had a bit of fun with the photos, playing with the expressions HUD for my Visage head. I think it’s absolutely perfect for riding on an airship and building a Utopian Playland! Dr. Steel would be proud.

Jacket: Captain’s Jacket – Black (Colour changable via HUD) – Pixicat (Gacha rare)

Pants: Diesel Capri Pants – Eden – Black (Colour changeable via HUD) – Pale Empress

Boots – Zirnitra – Noir (Soles, bauble, and buttons colour changeable via HUD) – Schadenfreude

Pendant: Baroque Teardrop – Turquoise/Gold (Silver/gold included in pack, stone is changeable via HUD) – Maxi Gossamer

Top Hat: Morticia Hat – Black (All parts colour changeable via HUD) – Bowtique

Nails: Her Darkest Desires for Eve Hands – Gorgeous Dolls

Hair: Such – White (Hud 02) – Magicka

Eyeshadow: Extreme Wing Eyeshadow – Cyanide – alaskametro

Septum Piercing: Marcia Septum – Steel – Pekka

Collar: Ribbons n Lace Collar – Proclivity

Necklace: Daddy’s Girl – The Au Naturel Cupcake

Mesh Head: Emma – Visage – Slink

Fangs: Visage Addon Teeth – Long Vamp – Slink

Body: Eve Slim – Absolut Creation (Hands are included)

Ears – Uni Ears – Boggart – Soul

Skin – Unholy Lyssa – Fallen Gods (Gacha rare prize)

Eyes – Youkai Pulse – Ice – Aii


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