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I’m very excited…I have a new blog sponsor! MysticDreams has asked me to blog for her store, Sexy Dreams, and of course, I said yes because I fell in love with her style. Today’s outfit is a little black dress with a sexy twist…the bodice is actually skeletal hands! The minidress is a rich black silk texture and has appliers for Omega, Slink Physique, and Eve (plus more!) so everyBODY can wear it (See what I did there?). Instead of a prim skirt piece, MysticDreams has opted to make a mesh skirt panel, so it actually moves organically with your body instead of staying in one place, which is great for when you’re moving around quite a bit – no prim piece sticking out at weird angles! The bustle skirt drapes beautifully and moves wonderfully with the avatar…this really is an amazing choice to go out and dance in. Also included are some sexy black stilettos that have a great liquid shine. All these features definitely make the dress stand out as a gorgeous choice…but the absolute pièce de résistance are the skeletal hands that act as the top of the dress. There are two heart-shaped pasties that cover your essential parts, and the hands fit perfectly over them, highlighting your, erm, assets! They’re extremely detailed, and though the dress is gorgeous on its own, they truly make it stand out against other choices because they are simply so unique! The ensemble is topped off with a skull bow for your hair, which is also very detailed and pulls the look together nicely. The Deadly Sin dress is most definitely worth purchasing if you are looking for a high-quality dress that will totally set you apart in a crowd.

I thought that this would look amazing as a part of a necromancer-inspired look, so I matched it with the Okami Amaterasu scarification available at the Xiasumi School Festival. This really gave it an even spookier, more otherworldly look. My wrist straps are by Katat0nik and are available at Collabor88, and my necklace is my half of the Game of Thrones couple necklace set that I purchased the other day.

Dress and Shoes: Deadly Sin – Sexy Dreams

Wrist Wraps: Bow Wrist Straps – Black – *katat0nik* (Available at Collabor88)

Scarification Markings: Okami Amaterasu – antielle (Available at Xiasumi School Festival)

Collar: Ribbons n Lace Collar – Proclivity

Nails: Her Darkest Desires for Eve Hands – Gorgeous Dolls

Mesh Head: Emma – Visage – Slink

Eyeshadow: Sass – Red – elymode

Body: Eve Slim – Absolut Creation (Hands are included)

Feet: Eve Adaptive Feet (Lets you wear Slink High shoes without a gap between Eve body and ankle.) – Absolut Creation

Hair: Clara – Black and Whites – EMO-tions

Ears – Uni Ears – Hob – Soul

Skin – Lumina Firefly – Fallen Gods (Gacha Rare)

Eyes – Youkai Pulse – Gold – Aii


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