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I am absolutely in love with my PoseAnywhere HUD. Not only does it keep all my poses organized, it has opened up a new world as far as taking photos for the blog! I wandered SL for a while today, wanting to find a very mystical setting to take pictures in, and I stumbled upon The Visionary Foundry. Not only is this a gorgeous build, but it has a very special and unique community. The purpose of the sim is to create an environment for roleplay therapy! To quote the group description, “This type of creative therapy can be used to help with a variety of phobias & to repair relationships or to build relationships with others.” I am no stranger to living with mental illness, and I think that this is an incredible concept. I took a landmark and joined the group, and am definitely going to be paying a visit in the future! If you’d like to pop by and explore a bit, you can find The Visionary Foundry here:

I have to admit that I am really loving Collabor88 this month. I have always been a fan of alternative styles, and having a punk theme is absolutely wonderful in my book! I saw this top with the cutout pentagram design on the chest and fell in love with it. I am pagan, and I always love when designers find ways to integrate this meaningful symbol into their work. I paired it with a pentagram cuff from Cute Poison, and my favourite kilt and pants combo from Yasum Designs. My sandals are by Pale Empress and though they are meant for Slink feet, they are unrigged and I was easily able to fit them to my Eve flat feet with only a few minor adjustments.

Top: Pretty In Punk – Black – ::{u.f.o}:: (Available at Collabor88)

Kilt/Pants: Goth Skirt Pants – Black (Colour change via HUD) – Yasum Designs

Sandals: Severina – Purple – Pale Empress

Shoulders: Taia – Silver – ::cheeky::

Cuff: Eruli Bracelet – Silver – Cute Poison

Hair: Balm – Macabre Dye – Beusy (Available at N21)

Nails: Her Darkest Desires for Eve Hands – Gorgeous Dolls

Collar: Ribbons n Lace Collar – Proclivity

Septum Piercing: Marcia Septum – Steel – Pekka

Body: Eve Slim – Absolut Creation (Hands and feet are included)

Ears: Uni Ears – Boggart – Soul

Skin: Scream Queen – Blood {Painted Brow} – Lumae (Available at Genre)

Eyes: Youkai Pulse – Purple – Aii


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