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I was meandering the pathways of SL and happened across a sim modeled after an abandoned amusement park in Pripyat, Ukraine…a city which is only a few kilometers away from the infamous Chernobyl nuclear power plant that had a meltdown and rendered the surrounding areas uninhabitable. Even though I already posted today, I simply had to take some photos in this haunting, eerie environment. I popped on the song “World Coming Down” by Ashbury Heights, and got to snapping!

The skin, wings, and horns I am wearing are from the Fenodyree Avatar Set by Stargazer Creations. I blogged the “Drowned” colour in my last post, and the one I am wearing here is the “Nightshade” variant. Like my previous post, I am wearing the makeup from Create Your Own Tarot by Stargazer Creations…only in Mystic instead of Ocean. My minidress by Dark Passions is available at Spooky Cute, as are my shoes by Pinks. The Chelsea shoes come with two heel types in each colour, a stiletto and wedge, and they are absolutely adorable. I love the bow on the ankle strap! They are a total steal at 99L per pair. I’m wearing a garter from :glutz: that is also available in a gacha at Spooky Cute. My necklace is a plethora of chibi cartoon bats and came from a gacha at CarnEvil by The Little Bat. The wrist straps are by *katat0nik* and are available at Collabor88 in a fatpack for a super reasonable price. If you’re looking for a spooky place to wander about for a bit, check out Everwinter at πŸ™‚

On a side note, I have been asked by a few people why I don’t photoshop my pictures. The answer is simple, really. I want people who read my blog to see what the items actually look like in Second Life (albeit on ultra graphics, cause my computer is a monster). I feel that if I accurately represent what an item looks like in world through minimal editing there will be no surprises or disappointment for a reader who purchases something they see here. If the items are represented honestly, there is much less of a chance that they will not live up to their expectations in game. This isn’t really an art blog…it’s about fashion, and I try to represent what I am wearing as accurately as possible. I’m not against people who photoshop blog pictures, I simply choose not to do it myself.

Event Items @ Spooky Cute:

Dress: My Little Bat Dress – Blue – Dark Passions

Shoes: Chelsea Wedge – Black/Teal – Pinks

Garter: Heart Garter – Onyx – :glutz:

Fingernail and Toenail Polish: Coffin Cutie – Dark Passions

Everything Else:

Necklace One: Batty Necklace – Blue – The Little Bat

Necklace Two: Sun, Star, and Moon Necklaces – Moon of My Life – Noodles

Wrist Wraps: Bow Wrist Straps – Black – *katat0nik* (Available at Collabor88)

Makeup: Ars Magica Maquillage – Mystic – Stargazer Creations (Available at Create Your Own Tarot)

Ears: Sylvan Ears – Stargazer Creations

Skin, Horns, and Wings: Nightshade – Fenodyree Avatar Set – Stargazer Creations (Available at Fantasy Faire)

Septum Piercing: Humility Septum (Colour change via HUD) – The Horror!

Collar: Ribbons n Lace Collar – Proclivity

Hair: Bohemienne – Colours – Tableau Vivant

Mesh Head: Emma – Visage – Slink

Mesh Body: Lara 3.3 – Maitreya

Hands: Casual – Slink

Feet: High – Slink

Eyes: Youkai Pulse – Teal – Aii


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