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I was listening to BlutEngel (yes, I have been in a very vampire-y mood) and the track “Beauty and Delight” came on in the middle of my photoshoot. It was wildly appropriate for this gorgeous gown from ImmateriA! The Sanguisuga top and skirt set in Blood is ImmateriA’s special edition item at The Vampire Chronicles…it’s absolutely amazing, and I highly recommend snatching a copy before the event ends. The latex skirt has an effect that is nearly evocative of brocade. It is tiered with lace and hugs the curves oh-so-sinfully before flaring out into a mermaid hem. The bodice rides the edge between graceful and feminine with a harder edge. Looking at it from the front, it appears to be a beautiful latex backless top. When you turn around, however…you discover that the very open back has spikes running down the length of the spine! The only issue I had with the top is that it’s really not meant to be worn with a mesh head, and I haven’t taken my Visage off since I purchased it on release day. It’s become my avatar’s face, and I couldn’t bring myself to give it up. However, I love the dress so much I decided to wear it anyways…I used a head locking animation that came with an old posture collar to keep my head looking straight so that the part of the collar that covers the chin didn’t clip with my movements. This is also the reason why I have a few less pictures than I normally do – many of my poses simply moved my avatar in such a way that there was major clipping or odd head movements, so I decided to take fewer pictures and maintain the quality. I didn’t want to post pictures that didn’t represent the gorgeous ensemble in the best way possible. Long buckled gloves complete the look. The entire outfit is materials enabled, and it looks stunning in various lights.

I decided not to wear many accessories because I didn’t want to take focus away from the dress. I am only wearing a circlet from ImmateriA that has a bat holding a diadem festooning it and the same two rings I was wearing yesterday – my engagement ring and the claw ring from ImmateriA. Feet and shoes poked through the bottom, so I decided to forgo both.

In keeping with the vampire theme, I am still wearing the skin from Stargazer Creations’ Vampire Avatar Set. As I mentioned in my previous post, in my opinion, it’s the best vampire skin on the grid. Unlike most, it is not so pale to the point of being washed out, yet still maintains a deathly pallor. The hair I am wearing is a group gift from Moon. It’s called Boa, and is available in a fatpack for group members.

Time is ticking down, darklings…The Vampire Chronicles ends May 9th, so check it out before it flies off into the night!

The Vampire Chronicles event is here:

From ImmateriA:

Gloves, Skirt, and Top: Sanguisuga – Blood – ImmateriA (Available at The Vampire Chronicles)

Ring: Claw Ring Sindri – ImmateriA

Circlet: Morgana – Sacrifice – ImmateriA (Includes both silver and gold)

From Stargazer Creations:

Skin: Vampire Avatar Set – Stargazer Creations (Available at The Vampire Chronicles)

From +Aii The Ugly & Beautiful+:

Eyes: Youkai Pulse – Gold – +Aii The Ugly & Beautiful+

Everything Else:

Nails: Webs In My Heart – Dark Passions

Septum Piercing: Marcia Septum – Steel – Pekka

Collar: Ribbons n Lace Collar – Proclivity

Hair: Boa – Black & White – Moon (Group gift, free fatpack!)

Mesh Head: Emma – Visage – Slink

Mesh Body: Lara 3.3 – Maitreya

Hands: Casual – Slink


New Blue Immateria Logo  Raven

Stargazer New Logo



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