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I, I’ve suffered long enough in this ghost town
I saw the walls, called their bluff and took them down

When I think of all the time I’ve wasted
All the bitter pills I’ve tasted
I have to hang my head and frown
I, I’ve suffered long enough in this ghost town

~ Abney Park, “Building Steam”

I absolutely adore New Babbage. Whenever I put together an ensemble that I feel has a Victorian or steampunk edge, I tend to head there to take pictures for the blog. Somehow, I always seem to miss events there and it’s not terribly crowded, and at most I see one or two other people wandering around. It’s a lovely place to meander through, so if you ever have time on your hands and want to step into a Steampunk town, I highly recommend passing through and having a stroll.

Yesterday, I was invited to blog for another event. It’s called Aristo, and is a wonderful celebration of alternative fashion. Perusing through some blogger boxes, I found these delightful Victorian boots from Glasgow Grin. They’re beautiful, with brocaded uppers and buttons swooping up the side. To top it all off, the back is laced up with a ribbon that definitely adds a unique touch! My dress is also available at Aristo, and the lush floral accents at the hips really compliment the boots. It’s by Chemical X, and is an one-piece ensemble consisting of a corset and bustle skirt. The black is shaded beautifully, and as I mentioned before, the floral accents on the hips truly look beautiful. For accessories, I matched the dress with lace-trimmed wrist gloves from Tapi. They’re a wardrobe staple of mine, and I love how they can be either dressed up or worn casually. I definitely adore them! My necklace and earrings are from House of Rain, one of the top gothic accessory stores on the grid (in my humble opinion, at least!). The All Depths of Despair set does include both the necklace and earrings which feature glass eyeballs nestled into metal swirls. The set is available in several metal colour choices as well as male and female versions. On my finger is a fluttery winged bat ring from Tantalum. It’s one of my favourite rings, and I love the elegantly spooky touch it adds to any outfit. My nails feature the telltale heart of Edgar Allan Poe, available in the Nevermore Nail HUD by Dark Passions. I love the Koffin Nails collection, and rarely a day goes by that I don’t wear a Dark Passions polish!

As promised, my hair is another new Aii release. It’s called Thresh and is available in two HUDs, giving a choice of either natural colours or funkier unnatural tones. It’s unisex, so there are female and male versions with two sizes for each gender. There are even more options, as the threshing hooks hanging from the braids come in gold and silver variants. A version without the hooks is also included if you’d rather wear the hair without them. I am wearing my go-to skin, which is Yurei Ghost from Stargazer Creations. The Siouxsie eye makeup always resonates with me!. Overall, I love the way the hair and skin pull the look together.

From +Aii The Ugly & Beautiful+:

Hair: Thresh – Silver –  HUD Two – +Aii The Ugly & Beautiful+:

Eyes: Eyes: Youkai Pulse – Purple – +Aii The Ugly & Beautiful+

Available at Aristo:

Dress: Madame Noire – Black/Teal – Chemical X

Boots: Leather Kidds – Teal – Glasgow Grin

From Stargazer Creations:

Skin: Yurei Ghost Skin Set – Stargazer Creations

Ears: Sylvan Ears – Stargazer Creations

Everything Else:

Necklace and Earrings: All Depths of Despair – Silver (Eyeball colour change via HUD) – House of Rain

Gloves: Lace Gloves – Colour change via HUD – Tapi

Ring: Battitude Ring – Large – Stone Colour change via HUD – Tantalum

Septum Piercing: Humility Spetum – Colour change via HUD – The Horror!

Nail Polish: Nevermore Nails – Dark Passions

Tattoo: Rhiannon – Endless Pain Tattoos

Mesh Head: Emma – Visage – Slink

Mesh Body: Lara 3.3 – Maitreya

Hands: Casual – Slink


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