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We are the angels of the dark
Were everything you’ll ever need
We have the darkness on our side
It will guide us to a better life
The world is dying without faith
Only we will win this game
You will find a better life
In a world without sacrifice
No more fear and no more pain
We will protect you eternally
The only price you have to pay is to leave this world behind

~ BlutEngel, “Angels of the Dark”

I have a guest photographer today! Vel Moonkill of decided to do a photoshoot with me in all my fierce vampire warrior glory.

Today’s outfit is an ImmateriA event exclusive. You can only find it at Fair Play, and if you are looking for an outfit that screams badass attitude, this set will have you covered! It includes a beautifully textured dress, some wicked shoulderpads, and a headpiece reminiscent of Maleficent’s crown. Though the helm is gorgeous, I was unable to wear it because my mesh head is just too big to fit in even the largest size. Instead, I substituted a circlet from Bubble that is only available at Project Limited. Supplies were dwindling when I visited earlier, so if you’d like to snag one for yourself, you best get to the event pronto! The collar I am wearing is from one of my newest sponsors, Love. It’s very finely detailed and looks absolutely gorgeous, so hit their mainstore up and try your luck at the gacha. My incredible metal-adorned boots are from Gauze, and my bracers are from Enfant Terrible. Both come with colour change HUDs for a variety of options!

Stargazer Creations has something wicked up their sleeve for Genre this month, and you should snatch it up whilst you have the chance! I am wearing the brand spanking new Kindred skin and eyes, and I have to say that it gives Yurei Ghost a run for the money in the “Trixie’s Favourite Skin” department. The shade is pale yet still has plenty of definition and highlighting, and as always, twelve skin options plus Omega and Slink appliers. For the duration of Genre, you can nab it for only 100L, so it’s a total steal if you dig the vampire look. I will also mention that Stargazer Creations’ other vampire inspired skins are on sale for 200L each at Horror Haute, so definitely swing by and grab them before the event ends!

From Stargazer Creations:

Skin and Eyes – Kindred Avatar Set – Makeup 4 – Stargazer Creations (Available at Genre)

Ears: Sylvan Ears – Omega Compatible – Stargazer Creations

From ImmateriA:

Dress, Shoulderpads, and Crown (Crown not pictured) – Vampire Crusades – ImmateriA (Available at Fair Play)

From +Aii The Ugly & Beautiful+:

Crystalized Elemental Wings – Dark – +Aii The Ugly & Beautiful+ (Not pictured in all photos.)

From Love:

Love Collars – Pearl Collars – Ruby – Love (Gacha Rare)

Everything Else:

Circlet: 9 Phase Circlet – Black and White (Band colour change via HUD) – Bubble (Available at Project Limited)

Boots: Swift – Naturals – Gauze

Nails: Vampire Vixen – Dark Passions

Cuffs: Chloe’s Bracer – Silver (Gem colour change via HUD) – Enfant Terrible

Septum Piercing: Humility Spetum (Colour change via HUD) – The Horror!

Hair: Natsya – White (Greyscale pack) – LaViere

Mesh Head: Emma – Visage – Slink

Mesh Body: Lara 3.3 – Maitreya

Hands: Casual – Slink


New Blue Immateria Logo  Raven

{Love} Logo

Stargazer New Logo



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