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In some place of the sun,
To whirl and to dance
Till the white day is done.
Then rest at cool evening
Beneath a tall tree
While night comes on gently,
Dark like me-
That is my dream!

To fling my arms wide
In the face of the sun,
Dance! Whirl! Whirl!
Till the quick day is done.
Rest at pale evening…
A tall, slim tree…
Night coming tenderly
Black like me.

~ Langston Hughes, “Dream Variations”

Yesterday, Loxys and I went to the Manga Fair, and I figured it would be a perfect place to pick up some accessories and perhaps some clothes that bordered on the creepy cute. I can be a huge fan of spooky kawaii, so I always attempt to hit up the various anime-themed and “creepy kawaii” events that pop up on the grid. I was definitely not disappointed, as within the first ten minutes of being on the sim, I had picked up some neko lingerie and the amazing headband that I am wearing. It’s from Lovely Alien, and is a large eyeball spider (for lack of a better description) on a satiny red bow. It’s very unique and quite adorable, so I am considering it a rather amazing find. My shoes are also from Manga Fair, and are an original mesh by Deadpool. I have always been a fan of their items, and these Mary Janes really caught my eye…so I purchased them in three colours: red, black, and purple! Then…I saw it. I don’t often do straight gothic lolita, but I found this great tutu from Moon Amore. I have a few dresses from Moon Amore that I absolutely love in the fantasy vein, but nothing at all like this. I figured that it would work quite nicely as a centerpiece for an outfit, so I snatched it up. It’s available in a myriad of pastel tones plus black, and naturally, I chose the black variant. There is a colour change HUD that gives you the option of flipping between black and white for the main skirt and petticoat or the entire pastel rainbow of colours for the bows. To top it all off, I have a gorgeous spiderweb parasol from ImmateriA, which will be available at the What the Goth? event. There are more patterns, so if spiderwebs don’t strike your fancy, you can find something that does! I found the Skin Deep Retake at [CerberusXing]. It’s incredibly unique, and I absolutely fell in love with it when I saw it. The necklace is attached to the body with an implant, and there is a tag saying “tsundere” dangling off the back. There are a variety of deredere types available, so you can choose your favourite archetype! If you’re wondering what I am talking about, it’s an anime trope that you can read more about here.

My body styling today consists of my favourite skin from Stargazer, the Yurei Ghost, with Oleander hair and the Belleza Venus V3 mesh body. I’m still absolutely adoring the Belleza body, and I’ve not taken it off (well, aside to switch versions) since I purchased it!

From +Aii The Ugly & Beautiful+:

Eyes: Youkai Pulse – Gold – +Aii The Ugly & Beautiful+

From Stargazer Creations:

Skin: Yurei Ghost Skin Set – Stargazer Creations

Ears: Sylvan Ears – Stargazer Creations

Available at What the Goth?:

Parasol – Webs – ImmateriA

Everything Else:

Shirt: Corset with Cami – Black Lace (Cami changes colour via HUD) – *Just BECAUSE*

Skirt: Sabrina Skirt – Black (Various parts colour change via HUD) – Moon Amore (Available at Manga Fair)

Shoes: Airi – Black – Deadpool (Available at Manga Fair)

Headband: Hex Headband – Lovely Alien (Available at Manga Fair)

Stockings: Misaki Lace Stockings Lolita Bow – Black – LE FORME (Available at Manga Fair)

Nails: Time Killer – Dark Passions

Necklace: Skin Deep Retake – Tsundere Red – [CerberusXing]

Bracelets and Rings: As Darkness Falls – Ruby/Bright Silver – House of Rain

Wings: Jabberwocky Wings – Black/Black – darkenedStare (Available at Kawaii Project)

Septum Piercing: Style 21 – Black – MONS

Hair: Bennett – Mono Tones – Oleander

Mesh Head: Emma – Visage – Slink

Mesh Body: Venus – Belleza V3

Hands: Casual – Slink

Feet: High – Slink


New Blue Immateria Logo  Raven

Stargazer New Logo




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