Greetings, dearest Darklings!

Life has settled down, I am now officially relocated permanently to the UK, and my RL wedding is coming up on 20 August! Life has absolutely never been sweeter, and I am finally living the dream…I am with the man I love and adore, and I am starting to put out CV’s for a job using the degree in Mortuary Science that I worked so hard for! Yes, everything is going my way indeed.

With all that being said, I am planning on resuming blogging here. Perhaps not with the frequency that I did in the past, but I do miss this creative outlet. However, I plan on adding posts regarding my Real Life thoughts and musings on gothic fashion and culture, as I am now finally in a position to be involved in the community IRL. Since I also play a few other video games with fashion aspects such as The Secret World and The Elder Scrolls Online, I will be putting up some posts detailing costumes in those metaverses, as well.

Stick around and stay tuned for some posts coming up!


Trixie ❤


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