The answer is quite simple, really. I am a gothic girl in both universes, and I enjoy creating interesting looks that tend to be a bit avant-garde.

That’s pretty much it. I’m here to share ideas and inspiration, and hopefully demonstrate that there truly can be beauty in the strange and unusual.

Contact me in world @ Susantrix (Display name: Trixie Pixie Falta-Zelin)


All photographs featured on The Bag of Trix are not edited in image manipulation software (Photoshop, GIMP, etc) in order to give a realistic representation of how items will look in Second Life. Photos for The Bag of Trix are taken in the latest Firestorm viewer on Ultra graphics settings. We do use windlight and depth of field settings for artistic quality, but these are things that anyone can tweak to achieve the same results.

The reason that I have chosen NOT to photoshop my pictures is because I feel that editing to erase seams, add filters, and otherwise manipulate images outside of SL provides a very inaccurate representation of the items being showcased in my blog. By choosing to present images as they appear in Second Life using settings that are easily replicated so that the same results can easily be achieved, I feel that I am not misrepresenting what things look like in the actual client.

There are many times that I can personally recall being disappointed because something looked much better in a blog post than it actually did when I purchased it myself in Second Life, realizing after seeing it in world that the image featuring the item had been photoshopped like crazy in order to either make the item look better or improve the “artistic quality” of the overall image. In my opinion, this is unfair to readers who deserve to see what something actually looks like in world rather than an artistic interpretation.

This is a fashion blog, NOT a photography blog, and I want to focus on accurately showcasing the items I model in my photographs.


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